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29th-Feb-2008 04:58 pm - A prank on a "Grand" scale!
Check this out. A prank on a "Grand" scale!

7th-Feb-2008 09:52 am - So far so good
She slept through the night. At 7am I heard her wake up and cry for about 30 seconds. Then quiet. At 7:30 she babbled for a minute but was quiet again. At 8 she was up and singing so I went to get her. (This was fantastic. She normally wakes up around 7 or 7:30, sometimes even before 7)

When I went in she wanted to cuddle. Ok. As usual, she asked for her binkie, but right away remembered... "Binkies all gone" A little halfhearted cry. "Hug mommy?" We hugged and cuddled. (She was very huggy and hugged me about 5 times) Then DH came in (he was in the shower when she woke up) She got up from my lap and gave him a hug and then left her room to go play.
Yesterday morning, she was asking for her binkie (it was WAY too early for naptime, she was just bored) I asked her if she wanted to put it in the garbage for me (I've done this a few times, but it was always no or ok with tears and then no). Well, today she said ok. I said. "Lets go get it." We did and she put it in her mouth for a second. Then I said, "Ok, let's go put it in the garbage" She took it out of her mouth and walked to the garbage and dropped it in. I praised her and gave her hugs and all that. (Later I took her spare binkie and hid it)

Last night we went to church for Ash Wednesday services. (It was just me, Jean and my mom since Dave was still at work) It was a rough night. She didn't nap today and the service was a long one. They also don't have nursery during Wednesday Lent services, so she was in church with me. I ended up having to leave the church during the sermon because she was acting up too much. While in the Parish Hall, she entered complete meltdown mode. I eventually got her calmed down and I was able to go back in for communion, but after communion she bumped her head on a pew and started to cry again. We left the church again and the tears never stopped. Complete and total meltdown. This child was just over tired. I'm debating if I should give her about the binkie tonight or stick with my plan.

So, we get home at around 9pm (DH is working late, so he still isn't home). I get her in her PJs. She wants some juice and I get her some. So now the moment of truth comes. She asks for her binkie. I tell her she put it in the garbage. Binkie is all gone. "Two binkies! Another binkie! Two binkies! More binkies!" is what she cries. I pick her up to show her the shelf where we usually keep the binkies. "Bikies all gone" I say. She looks and feels around a bit. "Binkies all gone" she cries. I say come cuddle with mommy (we always cuddle in the chair in her room before bed) I go to shut the light. "LIGHT ON" she screams. I let her scream for a few mintues and ask her to ask nicely. She says please, so I carry her to the light switch and we put it on. Then she shuts it herself and says "Cuddle with Mommy" (I guess she just needed control over something) We go to the chair to cuddle and she is in complete mourning. Sobbing, "Binkies all gone!" Sobbing, Sniffles, "Hug Mommy" Sob, Heaving breath, cry, sob, sniffle, sniffle, sniffle..... quiet....... SOB, sniffle, breath.... quiet.... sniffle. I rub her back, "Shhhhhh" sniffle, sniffle.... CRY.... "shhhh" rub rub rub...... sniffle sniffle.... sleep. I lay her in her bed. "Shhhhh" sniffle, cry.... rub,. rub "shhhh" ..... cry..... "shhh" rub rub quiet. Kiss on the head. Close door. Quiet (for now)

Hopefully she won't wake up overnight. Hopefully if she does she will soothe herself back to sleep and I won't have to get up. At 3 am I may not be as strong and might be tempted to just get the hidden binkie. But I will try to be strong. If I give in now, it will open up a whole new can of worms.
1st-Feb-2008 12:57 pm - Big Announcement
Hi all. Sorry I've been off of LJ for a while. Life's been busy.

If you couldn't already tell by my new default pic, I'm expecting another baby. Baby # 2 is due to arrive around Aug 20. I wanted to share the news with all of you.
1st-Jun-2007 11:01 am - FedEx Delivers!
Our passports have arrived! Yippie!

The came just late enough that I can't take Jean to Gymboree today, but I'm so glad they came this morning. Now I can try to get Jean down for an early nap and then run some last minute errands this afternoon.
31st-May-2007 05:18 pm - My fate is in the hands of FedEx
My future is in the hands of FedEx... or at least my Passport. Jean's too. They are both in the FedEx system scheduled to arrive before 3pm tomorrow. God I hope so. At least 90% of my stress over this is gone.
31st-May-2007 09:00 am - Another good spirituality quiz
Another good one from belief.net is their spirituality quiz.


Quiz: What's Your Spiritual Type?

You scored 70, on a scale of 25 to 100. Here's how to interpret your score:
25 - 29
Hardcore Skeptic -- but interested or you wouldn't be here!
30 - 39
Spiritual Dabbler -- Open to spiritual matters but far from impressed
40 - 49
Active Spiritual Seeker – Spiritual but turned off by organized religion
50 - 59
Spiritual Straddler – One foot in traditional religion, one foot in free-form spirituality
60 - 69
Old-fashioned Seeker -- Happy with my religion but searching for the right expression of it
70 - 79
Questioning Believer – You have doubts about the particulars but not the Big Stuff

80 - 89
Confident Believer – You have little doubt you’ve found the right path
90 - 100
Candidate for Clergy
31st-May-2007 08:34 am - Spirituality/Religion quizes
I see many some of my friends are posting spirituality type quizes. The best one I've found has got to be the Belief-O-Matic from belief.net.


They unfortunately don't have the option of posting the html code for journals, but, here are my results.
Read more...Collapse )
29th-May-2007 09:51 am - Update on Passport info
I finally got a hold of a customer service agent. He was actually somewhat helpful (or at least somewhat reassuring) He said that both passports are at the New Hampshire processing center. He is sending a request that the processing be finished and they FedEx them to me. They should get FedExed out on Thursday for Friday arrival. I can call late afternoon/evening Thursday for Tracking Numbers. He said the NH processing center is usually very good about that. I asked what happens if I call on Thursday and I don't get good news. He told me at that point all I can do is make an appointment with a regional processing agency for Friday (NYC, CT, or Philly are the closest). I would need to reapply (probably full fees again) and have all documentation including our flight info. (He did say that if I don't have Jean's birth certificate, they will probably accept the birth record with her footprints since they can call the NH agency for a fax of the original)

With any luck it won't come down to that.
29th-May-2007 08:33 am - F-ing Passports

Ok, so we leave for Germany in less than a week. (Saturday June 2) I applied for my and Jean's passports on March 20 (11 weeks ago). WE STILL DON'T HAVE THEM!!! I've been calling the info center for a week now. First I have to listen to 3 minutes of BS about how the passport agency is extremely busy due to the changing laws about passports and the unprecedented demand for US passports. I finally get to the menu where I get to choose that I want to check the status of passports. Them it tells me that all customer service reps are busy right now and my call cannot be answered and I should try going on-line to get info. (plugging in my info on-line only gets me a tracking number and the fact that it is being processed) I can only get trough on the phone every 10th try or so. Then I get put in a waiting queue for about 5-10 minutes. Then the agent takes my info and says it is being processed and she can send an email to the processing center requesting an upgrade since we are traveling in less than 2 weeks. If the passports don't arrive within 3 days of travel then I can make an appointment with a regional processing center and have them done in person (I'm sure there is another fee involved with that... plus all the headaches since the passport agency already has Jean's original birth certificates and all the affidavits from Dave giving his permission to get her a passport) ARG!!! Like I have nothing better to do 5 days before traveling than to sit on the phone trying to get through to a useless customer service agent.
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